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Green Google

CNN covered a news item on Google’s efforts to try to offset the environmental impact of their business. I like google anyway – I love the minimalist approach to a search engine – give me your terms and let me rock… I love to see a good company doing something about their impact and consumption, makes me like them more.

Here is a link to the article: http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/biztech/11/28/google.green.power.ap/index.html?iref=newssearch


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Today’s news report included coverage of the people who were waiting outside as department stores opened at 4am this morning. Some folks had stayed over night to be the first people in line on what is ‘the biggest shopping day of the year’. Whoa… as much as I think that a new flat screen would be great – that ‘opportunity’ looks a little more like ‘insanity’.

handmade-pledge.jpgI’m trying something else this year, Buy Handmade for the Holidays. I saw the pledge start to appear on Etsy a few weeks ago and went to learn more about http://www.buyhandmade.org and why other artists and patrons were interested.

  • Avoid the parking lots and long lines of people.
  • Handmade gifts are more meaningful for the artist, the patron and recipient
  • Handmade items are one-of-a-kind
  • Handmade items are better for the environment
    • no mass production causing dumping or emissions

Support local artists, try to buy handmade this year – even if you still need the big screen, you might find that there is room for something unique and wonderful on your shopping list.

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One of the first things that changed for me was the need for brand-spanking new clothing. As soon as our eldest daughter started to outgrow the clothing we bought when I was pregnant and the gifts we got from family and friends I started shopping at thrift stores. Eventually I figured out where the good stuff was and began buying less and less from the traditional stores. I’ve always done a lot of my own sewing, and making Easter and Christmas dresses is a family tradition.

This is my baby in a thrift store outfit.

I love coming home from the thrift store with 8 to 10 new outfits for my daughter for about $30, (Colorado Prices). I found that most thrift stores have 50% off days during many holidays. So there I would be waiting in the parking lot for the doors to open, enter with the crush of other people and try to find some deals. At this point there isn’t much my girls wear that isn’t from a thrift store. I’ve found great jackets, snow pants, never worn swim suits, jeans, shirts, sweaters, Halloween Costumes, Sunday best dresses etc. The only thing we haven’t found in good quality is socks, underwear and shoes.

A couple of tricks I’ve learned along the way – Scotchguard is best for protecting shirts and making them last for as long as possible.  At this point – I don’t have any clothing I didn’t make for myself, or buy from a thrift store. Both girls are in recycled thrift store clothing, and my husband is coming around…

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