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It’s fall here in Brazil, we’re getting colder at night and still I just can’t accept it.  With Easter just a week or so ago I can’t seem to reconcile myself to this side of the Equator.  So in my home it’s spring and we’re making little pastel houses and decorating eggs with vintage trim.

The little houses are upcycled cardboard with vintage lace.  I’m still at work on the birds who will live in these sweet little homes.

paper houses


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I’ve been evaluating my daughters clothing, we bought her some things to grow into back when we were in the states and Thrift Stores were plentiful.  So I thought that I could do some repairs and improvements and give her little wardrobe more of a boutique feel.

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I’m working on a new banner, it’s my favorite theme right now.  This banner is made up of stars and a little bit of free-form poetry.  Over a year ago my daughter got a Piggy bank in a really nice clear plastic box, up until last week I was storing quilt blocks in it.  They have a new home and the box was too nice to waste.  So I cut some star shapes, sanded the front and back to help the paint adhere, and had a lot of fun with some of my toys.

Ah, the vindication of a pack-rat.

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upcycled fabric banner

upcycled fabric banner

Here in Brasilia there are lots of parties, fireworks break the silence most weekend nights, and sometimes even during the week.  The parties are loud and they go on until dawn begins to break.  It’s amazing how long and often these Brazilians party.

A past weekend our neighbors began preparing their home for another all-night fest, and while I was dreading the noise until the wee hours I was envious of the decorations.  Along the front fence and then into their yard were meters and meters of banners.  The banners consisted of little pastel and fluorescent colored squares on a thin string.  They were all colors and when night fell the addition of just a little light made them really pretty.  The best part was that then they took them down and used them for a party on the following weekend.

We’re going to get ourself settled enough to have a party at the end of October, so I’ve been upcycling some of my thrift store clothes into cloth banners to do up our yard.  I can’t wait!

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So I’ve been writing about what I’ve been doing to keep my hands out of trouble as we travel and here is the first little collection of my Flash Card art.  Read the Tips for more info.

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I wanted to share some of the things of learned as a ‘traveling crafter’.  I’ve been vacationing and my crafts have been limited to one duffle bag.  I struggle with this as I really like to spread out and I’m afraid I’ve been spoiled to have a whole room in the last 2 years.  

Necessity being the mother of invention, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned:

  • I packed more tools than anything else: paint brushes, hole punch, files, wire working pliers, scissors, needles etc. – this way when I get to my destination and I do some thrifting or borrow from my mom’s stash I can actually do some things where maybe the raw materials didn’t fit into my bag.
  • Watercolors are great – and so cheap for $.99 you can get RoseArt watercolors, which has been fun for me and for my 3 year old.
  • Second-hand flash cards are a fun canvas for small portable art.  I picked up a bag of flash cards from the thrift store and have decorated them with Gesso, water colors, colored pencils, buttons, glitter, see the photo.
  • Buttons are great for making art too.  String them together, decorate your shoes, embellish a sweater or just decorate the buttons themselves.  A few weeks ago I noticed an Ebay auction where the seller had used permenate markers, glitter, jewels, paper, fabric etc to decorate a batch of buttons.  This one was fun for me and the 3 year old as well.

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49 Sensational Skirts by Allison Willoughby

I bought 49 Sensational Skirts last week after two weeks of ‘thinking’ about it. I do a lot of thinking on Amazon… it’s good they have that feature that let’s you review the purchase about 4 times before any sales are final. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to step 3 and then decided that I just wasn’t ready.

I love it, I think the author is my kinda gal. She does some amazing things with thrift store clothing and has some great and fun ideas for making your own kind of skirt out of a ‘find’. Her ideas are really fun, some very sophisticated some that are very costume-y

The pictures are wonderful, I am so drawn to a book with great pics. Inspiration happens as you thumb through this one. She has great ideas with found items, fabric strips, some basic stitching. It’s wonderful. There is a simple pattern included in the back envelope as well.

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