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Today’s news report included coverage of the people who were waiting outside as department stores opened at 4am this morning. Some folks had stayed over night to be the first people in line on what is ‘the biggest shopping day of the year’. Whoa… as much as I think that a new flat screen would be great – that ‘opportunity’ looks a little more like ‘insanity’.

handmade-pledge.jpgI’m trying something else this year, Buy Handmade for the Holidays. I saw the pledge start to appear on Etsy a few weeks ago and went to learn more about http://www.buyhandmade.org and why other artists and patrons were interested.

  • Avoid the parking lots and long lines of people.
  • Handmade gifts are more meaningful for the artist, the patron and recipient
  • Handmade items are one-of-a-kind
  • Handmade items are better for the environment
    • no mass production causing dumping or emissions

Support local artists, try to buy handmade this year – even if you still need the big screen, you might find that there is room for something unique and wonderful on your shopping list.


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