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QT Bunns Diapers

So we finally found an answer for our littlest one’s diaper needs and our pocket book.  We’ve moved to cloth diapers, and we found a great source on Etsy.  Her shop is called QTBUNNS.  We did a custom order for our little girl and I am a convert.

QT’s Diapers are made by Shariee Wisdom a work-from-home grandmother in Anchorage Alaska.  We found her on Etsy after a very unsuccessful foray into another .com’s idea of cloth diapers.  The other company’s diapers were $60 for 3 of them… We felt like that was quite an investment for something we weren’t sure would work.  So I went shopping on Etsy.

Shariee has a great feedback rating and has made hundreds of sales, so we felt comfortable making the leap.  Her diapers cost from $7 to $11 dollars each, depending on the baby’s size.  We got them in good time, even through our APO and they are fantastic!  Washing and drying instructions are included, and easy to do without trouble.

Shariee’s diapers are “made with elastic leg gussets and an adjustable waist, with velcro closures to ensure a snug fit as your little one grows.
Each diaper has an outer layer of flannel material, durable for washing and attractive for style, and an inner layer of flannel that sits softly against baby’s skin. Inside, a thick inner layer of terry is sewn securely in place for absorbency, and a layer of PUL (polyurethane laminate) offers hidden waterproof protection.
All diaper orders include a soaker liner that is firmly attached with a small strip of velcro, yet easy to remove for washing. Soaker liners are made with two outer layers of flannel and two inner layers of thick terrycloth.” (from QTBUNNS diaper description)

My daughter doesn’t get diaper rash and they hold so much without leaking or ruining her outer clothing.  The flannel is holding up well to the washing and the velcro is nice and strong, the elastic around the legs is also good (no leaks).  We are so impressed, and feeling dumb for not making the move earlier.


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new face on geisha

Guess what, I’ve gotten some great news lately and my upcycled geisha doll will be appearing in Art Doll Quarterly‘s May 1, 2009 issue. I just can’t wait!

Art Doll Quarterly is published by Stampington & Co. and I love, love all of their books, in fact I’m really excited about their Green Craft magazine that will come out in late Summer. Have a look at the site and if you’ve got green crafts to share, send them in!

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I was surfing the channels tonight and happened across the PBS program called E2 – the chapter I watched was on Energy for a developing world.  It was so interesting to hear about how simple changes, some of them in the form of small micro loans were doing so much to improve poverty and at the same time creating environmental improvements.

Most of the people of Bangladesh are terribly poor and energy starved that they rely on kerosene as the primary source of fuel.  In one example a tea vendor was able to improve his business and cut down on environmental pollution by the use of biogas to heat his tea kettles instead of kerosene. The new heat source helped avoid the fumes and polution caused by the kerosene.  The new heat source even kept the kettles cleaner, resulting in less need to clean and consume water.  The overhead cost of using biogas was 1/4 of what it cost to have kerosene.  Also the change to biogas allowed him to sell tea all day long, to more customers…

The program went on to talk about how the money saved from reduced energy cost in addition to the increased ability to serve and gain new customers could be saved to provide a much better life for these families.

PBS has posed the transcripts and some excerpts on their site – have a look – it seems like a great series.

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I found a really great orange t-shirt at the thrift store during my last trip and thought it would be fun to do a Before and After kind of thing. So the following is a recycled t-shirt transformation. I cut the shirt into ribbons and then crochet them into a cute little octopus. I love recycling something that yeah – had a great color but wasn’t all that cool , into something I love, love, love. Next time you are looking to recycle old clothing, or you want a cheap little craft – try your hand at a little recycling craft.

Here is my sweet little baby giving the original t-shirt a little love, yeah I don’t think you can call it recycling if you just turn the shirt over to the baby as a chew toy.

The recycled t-shirt Before

This is after sitting down with the fam and doing a little crochet as we watched a movie. I put the eyes together this morning with a little felt, embroidery floss and a couple of antique m-o-p buttons.

This is the recycled t-shirt after - cute little Octopus!!!

T-shirt makeover – guaranteed customer happiness…

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Green Google

CNN covered a news item on Google’s efforts to try to offset the environmental impact of their business. I like google anyway – I love the minimalist approach to a search engine – give me your terms and let me rock… I love to see a good company doing something about their impact and consumption, makes me like them more.

Here is a link to the article: http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/biztech/11/28/google.green.power.ap/index.html?iref=newssearch

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