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Blogging Etiquette?

I’m still in the middle of my move so I’ve been struggling with what to write about lately.  It’s been really nice to be on vacation before we get to our next post, we are moving to Brasilia, Brazil on May 15th.  We’ve been living in Virginia while my husband completed some language training and we are very excited to be headed out to a new embassy.

Anyway, in this little dry spell that always happens when I have all my crafty stuff taken away (well most of it, I do pack one suitcase of stuff) I was hopping to profile a few of the really cool folks I’ve found on Etsy*.  Since I’ve found that a few people have taken my photos and articles without permission I ask before posting photos and info about someone else’s work.  I thought that this is the way things should be done…

The thing is, I’m a little in the grey about what is and what isn’t ok here on a blog… is it generally acceptable to use someone else’s info if you give them credit and link back to them… should you ask before using any info, do you link or ask for permission at all?  What is the etiquette here?

*Etsy is a marketplace for handmade merchandise.


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