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I’m working on a new banner, it’s my favorite theme right now.  This banner is made up of stars and a little bit of free-form poetry.  Over a year ago my daughter got a Piggy bank in a really nice clear plastic box, up until last week I was storing quilt blocks in it.  They have a new home and the box was too nice to waste.  So I cut some star shapes, sanded the front and back to help the paint adhere, and had a lot of fun with some of my toys.

Ah, the vindication of a pack-rat.


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I’ve collected over 8 pages of Favorite Sellers on Etsy at this point and part of my pick me up, in these days and weeks until all of my crafts catch up with me here in Brasilia, I’ve been looking at other people’s work.

I wanted to share Lemon Oak Studio with you. Tricia and her sister both have shops on Etsy, I understand from her portfolio and blog that she began making the angels from items she collected during daily walks, and that it was originally a means for working through her father’s illness.

Check out the wonderful angels and prints, maybe they’ll inspire your next walk. What a great way to deal with stress and make something out of an experience. I’m so impressed!

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Alright, I finally got something done on this vacation!  About 3 months ago I bought these really fun enamel flowers from Sleepingdogstudio on Etsy.  I was so excited when I got them but couldn’t focus on what to do with them.

And then I’m afraid I put them in a box…  out of sight out of mind, so they’ve been waiting for me.

When I packed my craft emergency bag (living with only one suitcase of crafts has made me a little overly dramatic) they made the cut along with some of my thrift store jewelry.  I’m so excited to wear my new necklace this weekend! 


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recycled purse

When I’m working on something new I sit at my sewing machine snickering to myself, which causes my little family no small amount of concern.  I snicker because many of the little projects I try out are a pretty funny joke to me.   When I first started this blog I began with a couple of rugs made from t-shirts and jeans, it was a funny little play on the typical mommy nag of picking clothing up off the floor.  I thought it was pretty funny to spread these rugs out on the floor, besides being economical and much needed warmth in our Bogota apartment.

Well I’ve gone back to the shirt and jeans idea again – this time I’ve taken a man’s flannel shirt and a couple of dark pairs of jean fabric and made them into a girly purse.  I also tacked on some pretty blue satin scraps from making my daughter’s Christmas/Easter dress.  Story Break:  it was supposed to be for Christmas Sunday and since we spent the whole holiday sick then we didn’t go to church then she didn’t wear it.  Well we got her in it this past Sunday and so it is a Christmas/Easter dress.

I had a lot of fun making my first recycled clothing purse, I used the plackards from a flannel shirt as the purse straps and made the body of the purse from one of the sleeves, I inserted a secret pocket into the wrist opening on the other side.  I pulled the lace here off some bloomers and tea stained them – they have a great terra cotta color which goes really well with the purse.

The part that made me snicker –  is a little story in my head as I was putting the purse together – what if you had something of your husbands or boyfriends that you didn’t like or that he left lying around too often, and then well… what if you cut it up and made it into your new purse?  I’m still snickering.

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Well I finally did little exhibiting here in Virginia, we had a small little get together at my apartment complex and I set up my stuff and spent a few hours visiting with some of my friends and watching all the people around me. It was really fun and I learned a lot, can’t wait to find another one.

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Last night disaster struck, but I don’t want to overlook the help that we’ve received in the last 12 hours – so there is a happy ending. I was working on my last minute stuff for the craft fair tomorrow and we started to get some leaking from the apartment above us. That was about 8:30 last night – the water got worse and worse, come to find out the upstairs tennants had some whatever happen with their children… we ended up with 3 hours of dripping toilet water. It sounds minor but I had a waterfall down the walls and buckets filled and overflowing in some areas of the apartment.

Our master bedroom, walk in closet (also doubles as my littlest girl’s bedroom), bathroom and into our kitchen (currently set up as my work room) got flooded. We worked until 3 am to move things out of the water, move into a new apartment, get the girls cleaned up and changed, run a load of laundry so we could get into some clean clothing…

This morning we had an outpouring of help to finish the move into a new apartment. We have loads and loads of laundry to finish, some disinfecting to complete but not many things were a total loss – however the craft show is one of the losses.

I’m afraid I can’t feel good about trying to force it to happen at this point when I need to get our house back together and our things cleaned. My sweet husband and I have Sunday and Monday to get ourselves back together and I just needed to let go of the craft fair. It looks so fun, and there are going to be so many cool people there… if you can make it – DO.

I think what I’ll do is just list my stuff on Etsy and watch for another opportunity before we leave Virginia.

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Here’s a few other pictures of the stuff for the show…



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