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I love Jane Austin and this is my version of a period costume.  She is an art doll I displayed at an Embassy Art show this last weekend.   I call her Still in Rags.  Her outfit is complete upcycled upholstery and drapery fabric.  I did a lot of hand sewing to fit it to her and add the wonderful ruffles.

Upcycled Art Doll

Upcycled Art Doll

I also used my heat gun to melt the fabric into the interesting shapes in her skirt.


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The magazine is out.  I love the photos that Stampington took and included, the doll looks so nice!  I was flattered to be asked to include the doll in the Artist’s Emporium as well.  If you’d like to purchase her and make a nice donation to Art for Heart a portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

Thank you all for your visits, your kind comments, I feel very blessed.

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I found a new use for my silk fabric sample books.  I saw some of these chic little silk flower hair pins over on Etsy the other day and decided to try my hand at them.

Silk Flower Hair Pins

To begin I cut out some circles, three of varying sizes works best and makes the flower look really pretty. My largest circles are about 1 inch across.

Then with a candle you learn how to pass the edges of the circle through the flame until you’ve got a slight singe on all of the raw edges. This will be a learning process, be patient and cut a few extras so you have some practice circles.

Next take some thread and secure all the circles together and add a center bead.  Pass through the flowers and bead twice before attaching to the hair pin.

Add the hair pin and wrap 4 times, tie a good square knot and glue.  I used a multi-purpose glue that is more gel than liquid, that way it doesn’t leak through the fabric and stain the flower.  Once you’ve got a good secure attatchment to the hair pin clip the threads and wear.

This little project is good for head bands and little clips as well.  This is such a great way to use up some scraps you might have around your house.

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key necklace

Sometimes the impetus for a new design or a new variation in my work is a new NEED.  Like – I NEED SOMETHING NEW TO WEAR!  I like to wear my own work, the baby can pull on it and it won’t break and she can put it in her mouth and it won’t be the end of the world.  Besides – they work well with my t-shirt and jeans wardrobe (I’ll add a sweater if it’s cold).  I don’t wear very exciting clothing, so I try to make sure that my jewelry and shoes are interesting.

The cute red fabric here was a really small pair of Ralph Lauren pants I found at the local thrift store.  I’m one of those girls who looks at cute little clothes for little girls and thinks – wouldn’t it be funny to chop that up and make it into something a more average sized girl could wear.  It’s pretty cathartic to ruin one of those size two pairs of pants – and then to do something creative and expressive with the results.

Now – if you happen to be a cute skinny girl – well good for you, but let’s face it most people aren’t, and we all need to work harder to take care of ourselves (check out Go Red by the American Heart Association) but we don’t need to be little to be beautiful… and can I say how much I love the new Dove commercials with the real size girls!  Wonderful!

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original doll

I’m one of those luck girls who had a new dress every Christmas and Easter.  Grandma would take me shopping and we’d pick a new pattern and then choose some fancy fabric.  Grandma did sewing for all the granddaughters (there were 8 of us!) – she’s an amazingly accomplished woman.   She’d even fit the dress to my wide hips and large upper arms – it was so nice to have something so unique.  It helped me feel special even during my horrid teen years.

So to continue the tradition I’ve been working on some dresses for my daughters for Easter.  In the process of working on the dresses I was prewashing some fabric and ended up with wads of stringy tangles.  And it reminded me of some very knarly dreadlock hair.  So I gave it to one of my new dolls, doesn’t she look like a cute little Medusa – oh and my daughter was very pleased to see such a happy doll.

I love when you can find something that would normally become garbage and turn it into something fun and interesting.  I plan to start saving these strings on a regular basis for future dolls.

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I’m putting all my gifts in the mail on Monday to make it in time for Christmas… I really love this time of year. I did most of my sewing to Christmas music, I can’t get enough of iTunes.

These are two of my favorite ornaments from the last batch. I think the candy striped ornament is my favorite yet. I used some old snowflakes and buttons in addition to the old trim. The fabric is a pair of old searsucker shorts, from the thrift store.

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