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I’ve finally settled in, in fact I’ve gone off at a good pace.  After returning home to the U.S. I have approached a couple of boutiques and I have been selling wholesale.  I am working with old watch and clock pieces, I am very inspired by some local steampunk groups. 

I am also very inspired as the clock ticks down on an Ebay auction… remember the budget, remember the budget….

Actually it’s been a good learning experience for me.  I’ve never had to work so hard to make sure that my cost and margins were so tightly under control.  I’ve also never worked in such a way, batches of jewelry to try to make sure I’m paying my self a reasonable hourly wage.

I also pay close attention to what else in the boutiques are selling, and I ask lots of questions.  Shop owners are different, some will tell you too much and some have no desire to enlighten the potential competition.

Below are some of my new line, enjoy!


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The magazine is out.  I love the photos that Stampington took and included, the doll looks so nice!  I was flattered to be asked to include the doll in the Artist’s Emporium as well.  If you’d like to purchase her and make a nice donation to Art for Heart a portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

Thank you all for your visits, your kind comments, I feel very blessed.

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It’s fall here in Brazil, we’re getting colder at night and still I just can’t accept it.  With Easter just a week or so ago I can’t seem to reconcile myself to this side of the Equator.  So in my home it’s spring and we’re making little pastel houses and decorating eggs with vintage trim.

The little houses are upcycled cardboard with vintage lace.  I’m still at work on the birds who will live in these sweet little homes.

paper houses

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We are away from home and family this holiday season.  It’s always hard for me this time of year – I know exactly what I am missing.  Somehow the weather just doesn’t feel like Christmas, growing up in Colorado I need at least a little snow to feel like I’m ready for Christmas and New Years.  As far as I know, Brazil doesn’t get snow, even during the ‘winter’.

To make the house feel a little more festive and to help break out of my little funk I’ve done some decorating.  On Saturday my husband helped me make some paper stars from old wrapping paper and hang them from our absolutely horrific light fixture.

recycled wrapping paper stars

recycled wrapping paper stars

We also hung up some of our old Christmas cards.  I punch some holes in the top corners and then string them up around the house.  Most of the pictures have lovely winter scenes and snowy mountains.

Happy Holidays!

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I found a new use for my silk fabric sample books.  I saw some of these chic little silk flower hair pins over on Etsy the other day and decided to try my hand at them.

Silk Flower Hair Pins

To begin I cut out some circles, three of varying sizes works best and makes the flower look really pretty. My largest circles are about 1 inch across.

Then with a candle you learn how to pass the edges of the circle through the flame until you’ve got a slight singe on all of the raw edges. This will be a learning process, be patient and cut a few extras so you have some practice circles.

Next take some thread and secure all the circles together and add a center bead.  Pass through the flowers and bead twice before attaching to the hair pin.

Add the hair pin and wrap 4 times, tie a good square knot and glue.  I used a multi-purpose glue that is more gel than liquid, that way it doesn’t leak through the fabric and stain the flower.  Once you’ve got a good secure attatchment to the hair pin clip the threads and wear.

This little project is good for head bands and little clips as well.  This is such a great way to use up some scraps you might have around your house.

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stepping out

stepping out

Right before we left the states I did some shopping at some of the Virginia thrift stores.  I came up with a silk wrap shirt and some great satin shoes – under $20 total.  They made an appearance last week as I dressed for the 233rd Annual Marine Ball.  The necklace I made from some of my thrift store beads as well as some cardboard and paper.  I had a great time, my date is a hottie, we ate and visited and did some dancing and our Marines won an award!  Great, great night!

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I’m so excited!  We’ve been at this for almost a year, in that spirit I thought I’d do kind of a recap.  Here are my favorite ways to reuse, repurpose or recycle.  Enjoy!  And as always, please send photos or comments – we love them!!!

Cardboard – Draw on it, paint it, or cut it down.  Use as a substitute for chipboard or wood in your art.

T-Shirts – Cut down old, stained or ill-fitting shirts into ribbons. Crochet a rug, knit a scarf, or even wrap the scraps up to make little birds or other amigurami.

Wool Sweaters – Save or collect thrift store wool to make Christmas ornaments, soft animals or applique.

recycled wool sweater monster

recycled wool sweater monster

Jeans – Even when the fit or color doesn’t suit anymore jeans can be used.  Try tacking them down on a piece of burlap or old towel to make a warm, soft bathroom rug.  Jean is great as a backing fabric for mini quilts or mini ATC cards.

Aluminum Cans – Cut the cans into flat rectangles and wash – heavy gloves are a must.  When dry, trace butterfly or bug outlines, circles and squares over interesting patterns or colors.  Cut and attach to walls, furniture, punch holes and decorate a light or make jewelry.

Upholstery Samples – Embellish with stitching, applique, embroidery.  Use little scraps to make unique jewelry; add a few grommets and you’re on the way.

Buttons – Inherited from grandma, picked up from the thrift store or harvested from your old clothes.  Paint, draw or glitter for interesting embellishments to hats, shoes or jewelry.  Buttons make great eyes for wool or felt monsters.

Baby Clothes – They can be very expensive and so easily stained but needn’t be discarded.  If staining is minimal consider some simple applique to cover stains.  Heavily soiled items can be cut into ribbons and used much the same way as t-shirts.

Books – Picked up for pennies, the pages make a great background for ATCs or collage; I even use them as part of my jewelry packaging.   If you want to make the type a little more subdued, just try a single coat of gesso paint.

Junk Mail – Create collage, cut and glue into hanging stars; my girls don’t need coloring books with all the paper we get in the mail.  We’ve even sent out Christmas cards in junk mail envelopes.

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