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The magazine is out.  I love the photos that Stampington took and included, the doll looks so nice!  I was flattered to be asked to include the doll in the Artist’s Emporium as well.  If you’d like to purchase her and make a nice donation to Art for Heart a portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

Thank you all for your visits, your kind comments, I feel very blessed.


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My second daughter is growing up too fast for my taste and she is already starting to move into her older sister’s 12 month clothing. As she moved out of the little baby clothes we sent her most of the ‘still good’ clothing to friends or donated it. She had way too much clothing and much of it was still really new and very pretty. Some other things just didn’t make the cut, some were very old and worn (surviving 2 little girls) while other pieces were still very unused but they had some small stains on them.

Many of those that I thought fit the second category were onesies. The had small little stains from all of the various mushy food that didn’t wash out, unwilling to throw them away I came up with a little quick applique to make them cute again.

I’m still surprised by the small little things that can make recycling or reusing items useful and even cute again.

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Did you know that you loose something like 80% of your body heat through the top of your head – ok that’s a factoid (I don’t know the fact I just know what I’ve been told by ‘them’). We lost the little girl’s hat the other day, it was a 99 cent bargain from the thrift store (so it’s not a tragedy – just a bother) and I can’t for the life of me figure out where we’ve been that we may have misplaced it. Now that I’ve made a replacement we are sure to find it any minute.

So here I am cutting down t-shirts again, I know that I could have just cut a cylinder out of the t-shirt – but really we are going for some sort of style here and besides I really like the texture. Here is my little superstar in her recycled t-shirt hat…


This t-shirt has been a recycling stretch, I’ve made 2 birds, one hat and started a new rug. I bet when hubby decided he didn’t want it anymore he didn’t realize that he’d continue seeing it everywhere. Save your t-shirts, it’s amazing what you’ll be able to recycle them into – recycling craft projects as far as the eye can see.

As soon as I get a moment I’ll post some quick directions. For those so inclined please refer to the ‘How to cut down a t-shirt page‘ and just make the ribbon width a little thicker.

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pink bird
I’ve finished a few more little recycled t-shirt birds. This is one of my favorite, she took a little more time to make. I started with the t-shirt ribbons I described on my old post about cutting down a t-shirt. This sweet little pink bird was made of some smaller strips and I thought it would be interesting to straight stitch the ribbons down over the bird form.

I love the little flowers on the side of her. These flowers are made of some frayed scraps and a little embroidery floss. I thought I’d try to start stitching names on them as well. This one is ‘heart’.

I’m really addicted to cutting down t-shirts, and now when my own shirts accidentally (really it was an accident) get bleach on them I am not as disappointed about the whole thing. OK, it does take a little bit before I see that this is a recycling opportunity, but really it doesn’t become the fit of pique where I chuck the ruined stuff into the garbage anymore… does that mean I’m growing as a person? Ha ha ha… we’ll see.

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So, I was talking about the t-shirt ribbons I used to crochet a bathroom rug, and here is a short tutorial on how to go about cutting down a t-shirt. It’s also important to note that the results will make chunky work, so a few extra corners and wavering widths aren’t a big deal at all.

I started at the bottom hem of the shirt and began creating a spiral cut up the torso of the shirt.

I think that a picture of how I cut down the sleeve would help as well, this shirt has a long sleeve so I cut the sleeves off and started at the bottom of the torso.

This is what is left when the shirt has been cut down to a rough square and then I started going around and around. By the time I’d done the third or fourth I was making short sleeve t-shirts into a continuous string. However, as you can see I also had to tie together some strands. Once again, it won’t be a big deal as the work will be so chunky.

The next step once you have a bunch of t-shirt ribbons is to wind it into a ball, which will help to keep your work from tangling.

At the end, this is what I had left…

Hope this technique works out for you. It’s so much smarter than purchasing cheap cotton fabric pre-cut from the nearest craft store.

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It’s amazing to me how versital the classic T-shirt is. In the last 3 years you may have noticed a number of books about how to customize your own t-shirt which is cool, but really – I don’t think it stops there. I got fed up with the cold floors in our bathrooms and decided that what we needed was a rug. Well rugs certainly don’t come cheap, especially if you don’t really like to spend money on stuff like that anyway. So I decided to dig into my stash of old clothes, where a number of old t-shirts were waiting. Cutting one into strips I wound up with a reasonable ball of t-shirt string. And from that I created a bathroom rug, and a few birds, and a hat… well I think you get the idea. Save your t-shirts, they can be more than the shirt off your back.
rug-50percent.jpg This is my little supergirl, with a new rug to keep her feet warm.

This is ‘fleur’, she stands about 8″ high.  She is composed of a couple of old twigs, stuffed with old sweater strips, covered with t-shirt ribbon, adorned with some embroidery.

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