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A few weeks ago I was surfing around Etsy, which is what I do when I’m procrastinating about my messy house or the dishes that still haven’t been washed, or the blogging I’ve not gotten around to.  Anyway, I do this alot and I have a new favorite recycling artist.  His shop is Dank Artistry and I want to be his new best friend.

I looked through his site and ended up with a long list of all the rings and bracelets I wanted and then I remembered a very unsucessful little foray into spoon rings during college.

My mother gave me some spoons to work with, they belonged to my Grandma.  They were those lovely Reed and Barton flower dessert spoons.  Well I made my mom and sister a couple of key rings and then I attempted to make a bracelet for my self.  After a very messy solder joint and some damage to the silver plating I had a bracelet that I’ve worn no more than a dozen times since (yeah that was 10 years ago).

Well thanks to the power of Alchemy I asked Dank to help me  fix the mess I’d made all those years ago.  And today I received the finished pictures of his work… I am speachless, he made them sparkle, they look so pretty and I will be able to wear them, and now I have two little rings that I can pass on to my two little daughters.

Please visit his site, and if you’ve the inclination – give him some business.  He’s very talented and friendly, the communication was excellent, and his prices are wonderfully reasonable.


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