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I’ve finally settled in, in fact I’ve gone off at a good pace.  After returning home to the U.S. I have approached a couple of boutiques and I have been selling wholesale.  I am working with old watch and clock pieces, I am very inspired by some local steampunk groups. 

I am also very inspired as the clock ticks down on an Ebay auction… remember the budget, remember the budget….

Actually it’s been a good learning experience for me.  I’ve never had to work so hard to make sure that my cost and margins were so tightly under control.  I’ve also never worked in such a way, batches of jewelry to try to make sure I’m paying my self a reasonable hourly wage.

I also pay close attention to what else in the boutiques are selling, and I ask lots of questions.  Shop owners are different, some will tell you too much and some have no desire to enlighten the potential competition.

Below are some of my new line, enjoy!


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I was so impressed when I stumbled across julienjaborska’s Etsy store.  The store’s name is Rebicyclist and this upcycling artist does belts, keychains and coasters.  What a great idea, turn those useless old bike tires into something useful and stylish. 
My favorite belts are the chunky road tire type, I think they’d be an edgy statement in the workplace.

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When I was searching Etsy today for someone new to spotlight, I entered ‘upcycled’ into the search engine and was so impressed to find these works by KD.  The green circle bracelet is so elegant and then looking through her store I found some lovely earrings as well. 
ArtworkbyKD also has some very fun and quirky flower rings as well.  Her shop is worth a second look, or third or fourth, enjoy.

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I’ve been evaluating my daughters clothing, we bought her some things to grow into back when we were in the states and Thrift Stores were plentiful.  So I thought that I could do some repairs and improvements and give her little wardrobe more of a boutique feel.

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Just one week left until Earth Day. I think it’s a good time for another Give-Away! So, here’s the nitty-gritty:

-All entries will need to be IN before midnight this coming Monday (before 12 pm on 4/21) , that’s next week, the day before Earth Day. The winner will be announced on Earth Day, April 22nd in the morning.

-To enter you’ll need to submit a comment to this entry or send me an e-mail at thisrecycledlife@gmail.com. Don’t worry I won’t sell or give away your e-mail for any reason. I’ll get in touch with the winner and ask for all of your info at that time so I can arrange shipping.

-The give-away – well it’s a surprise, but I’ll let you know that it’ll be some recycled upholstery jewelry. Have a look through the site for some examples. Sorry but, U.S. entries only, cause the shipping will be on me.

-Visit the Earthday website and check out what other events are happening in your neck of the woods.

Best of Luck!

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I’m working on a skirt based on my last book purchase, 49 Sensational Skirts. Check out the book review from this week. To try it out for myself I decided to modify a dress I bought at the thrift store. You can find some great things at the local Savers or Goodwill, especially if you are like me and visit once a week. Be sure to take a donation as well, most thrift stores offer discounts or vouchers for your next purchase.

I don’t like the top of the dress at all, it’s just not me. But I’m pretty excited about the idea that I might wear this little thrift store find if it was a cute little skirt. I’m hoping to save myself some work because the dress is fully lined so when I cut it up I won’t have to come up with facing pieces.

My first step was to cut the skirt into pieces. I was careful to cut the skirt and the lining seperatly so I don’t end up with lining that I can’t use because it isn’t cut straight. I also cut the back zipper and decided that I’d keep it as part of the skirt.

First I sewed together the right sides of the skirt and lining, making a new waist for the skirt. I put the zipper back together by hand and later I’ll add a hook and eye for added security.

After pressing the new waist I did some hand sewing to make sure that things can’t roll up when I am wearing it. The next installment will hopefully have some fun additions to the skirt.

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49 Sensational Skirts by Allison Willoughby

I bought 49 Sensational Skirts last week after two weeks of ‘thinking’ about it. I do a lot of thinking on Amazon… it’s good they have that feature that let’s you review the purchase about 4 times before any sales are final. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to step 3 and then decided that I just wasn’t ready.

I love it, I think the author is my kinda gal. She does some amazing things with thrift store clothing and has some great and fun ideas for making your own kind of skirt out of a ‘find’. Her ideas are really fun, some very sophisticated some that are very costume-y

The pictures are wonderful, I am so drawn to a book with great pics. Inspiration happens as you thumb through this one. She has great ideas with found items, fabric strips, some basic stitching. It’s wonderful. There is a simple pattern included in the back envelope as well.

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