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When I was searching Etsy today for someone new to spotlight, I entered ‘upcycled’ into the search engine and was so impressed to find these works by KD.  The green circle bracelet is so elegant and then looking through her store I found some lovely earrings as well. 
ArtworkbyKD also has some very fun and quirky flower rings as well.  Her shop is worth a second look, or third or fourth, enjoy.


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upcycled wildlife

upcycled wildlife

In our backyard we have all kinds of butterflies.  But for my girls they never hold still quite long enough.  So I’ve been using our old aluminum cans to add more butterflies into their lives.

WARNING – cutting aluminum is dangerous, I use a pair of leather gloves.  Also, we keep them in sight but out of reach, they are too sharp for little fingers.

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new face on geisha

Guess what, I’ve gotten some great news lately and my upcycled geisha doll will be appearing in Art Doll Quarterly‘s May 1, 2009 issue. I just can’t wait!

Art Doll Quarterly is published by Stampington & Co. and I love, love all of their books, in fact I’m really excited about their Green Craft magazine that will come out in late Summer. Have a look at the site and if you’ve got green crafts to share, send them in!

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recycled tshirt flower bag

My everyday bag has breathed it’s last. I have a bag that is just the right size for a few diapers, wipes, some assorted snacks, a few squares of chocolate, my wallet, a bink, and house keys. It’s my basic around the town kit, with just enough stuff for me and the girls to get out of the house.

Well I’ve had the bag for 5 years and two babies now, and it’s been washed a few times, the straps have been repaired and I’ve done my best to get the mystery spots out. Somehow we’ve managed to get some new stuff on it that the usual washing and spotting just isn’t working. We’ve also got two torn pockets now, I love scrambling around the insides of my bag trying to put a finger on my keys.

It’s time for a new bag and in that spirit I’ve made three new bags, waiting for the right combo to appear. This is it! I made this bag from some scraps of jean, one of grandma’s old bag straps, white and green t-shirts and some really fun blue and white fabric, I think it came from one of my fabric store grab bags.

I’m really pleased with the way the t-shirt flowers and stems worked out, I can’t wait until a little wear loosens up the petals a little more.

I’ll be working on a pattern for my Etsy shop, look for it if you want one of your own! In the mean time, hold on to your scraps and don’t throw out anything… 😉

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I haven’t been writing much lately, sorry about that, I’ve been using the time to learn some new skills with a paint brush. I grew up with a mom who paints very well and until very recently I’ve never painted very much or been very satisfied with my attempts. If you’ve been here on This Recycled Life a few times you’ve seen a few of my dolls. Generally I’m happy with my big-eye girls but never very satisfied with the noses, I hate noses.

I’ve been known to clean or sand off the noses many, many times when I am trying to get a doll’s face right. Even then, sometimes I put them in a box and a month or more later I take them out and try the nose again. Well – I’ve made a little progress lately and I’ve been learning to shade, so on with the Show-and-Tell – here is my newest face. I’ve still got to finish her off and give her some reclaimed or recycled little outfit but I don’t plan to mess with the nose.

handpainted doll april

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recycled bird

Ok, if you haven’t visited yet, please go check out Etsy this morning. Etsy is a marketplace for handmade crafts, so it’s much better than the other E-named marketplace. Many cool people, many cool things. Besides the listing fees are a bargain compared to that other E-named site. I am so impressed with the sweater purse I saw in this morning’s featured Treasury.

Etsians (I think I’m using that right) log in and make their own treasury submissions and the Etsy team selects treasury collections to display on the main page.

I love sweaters repurposed as purses, new clothing, or birds. I thought that this cute little grey sweater made for a soft sweet bird. Anyone have a cool sweater item? Send me some e-mail and I’ll post your cool photo here!

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